903 Proteinsaver Snap-Apart Card

903 sample collection card with four sample spots.

  • Ready-to-use cards and kits save time and costs during sample collection, transport, and archiving.
  • Strict quality control and ISO9001 manufacturing standards ensure high quality, reproducibility, and purity.

The paper in our 903 Proteinsaver Snap-Apart Card, imprinted with four half-inch circles, is enclosed between two pieces of cover stock. Each circle holds 75-80 µl of sample. To use the 903 Proteinsaver Snap-Apart Card, one cover is snapped off, the sample is collected and the remaining cover is folded over the sample. This cover is imprinted with the universal biohazard symbol.

Packing size: 100 pieces

Order information:
#10534320 – 903 Proteinsaver Snap-Apart Card