Shakers and Incubator Hoods
Miniature Shaker KM 2

  • orbital motion, max. load 2 kg
  • shaking plate 200 x 295 mm, incl. basic tray
Incubator Hood TH 15

  • combined with one of the shakers type
  • KS 15 A/B (control) it is a small incubator shaker for incubation between 5°C above room temperature to +50° C.
  • The incubator hood is placed directly on the housing of the shaker. It can also be used as an independent incubator hood.
Homogenizers and Cell Mills
Homogenizer HO 4/A

  • Homogenizer with knives for mechanical crushing of animal and plant tissue for organic and anorganic pieces into a homogeneous suspension.
  • Speed: up to 35.000 rpm
Vibrogen Cell Mill VI 6

  • for careful dissolution of cells in suspension (ball mill principle) without damaging the material by denaturation and cooling.
Series Heater IRB 6

  • Modular system with 6 heaters based on PowerCube IRB 1. The PowerCubes can be used as individual heaters
Infrared heater Power Cube IRB 2

  • Infrared heater for high temperatures up to max. 900$deg;C
  • For fast heating of lager volumes. With integrated power control.
Microscope Incubators
Incubator for inverted microscopes

  • incubation insert with integrated PT 100 sensor and gas inlet.
  • For standard Petri dishes up to diam. 90 mm.
  • Dimensions: 37 mm high, diam. 192 mm