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CSR is one of the few commercial organic solvents which can make such a claim because CSR ETHANOL is derived from BIOMASS and therefore; CSR ETHANOL DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE TO GLOBAL WARMING.

How's CSR ETHANOL produce??
CSR produces ETHANOL (and methylated spirit) in Australia by fermenting sugar cane molasses. The sugar cane itself grows annually and in doing so absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere when human begins covert sugar to energy; when ethanol is released (as a solvent) into the atmosphere (where it quickly breaks down into carbon dioxide and water); and when the cane fiber (or bagasse) is burned to provide steam used in the extraction and purification of ethanol and sugar. That released carbon dioxide is then recycled from the atmosphere back into the growing crop of sugar cane. And so, the cycle begins again. This process creates no net change in the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. Thus fermentation ethanol is greenhouse neutral. Ethanol produced from plant material (or biomass) is sometimes called BIO-ETHANOL.

Ethanol Product List
1. Undenatured Ethanol Grades 95% 100% More Information
Analytical Reagent   X More Information
Beverage X   More Information
High Grade   X More Information
Neutral Cane Spirit X   More Information
Standard Grade X X More Information
2. Fully Denatured Ethanol Grades 95% 100% More Information
Alcool X   More Information
Alcool LF X   More Information
Cleansol X   More Information
Flexol Range   X More Information
Industrial Methylated Spirits X X More Information
3. Partially Denatured Ethanol Grades 95% 100% More Information
Aerosol Grade   X More Information
Cosmetic / Toiletry Grade X   More Information
Perfumery Grade X   More Information
Standard Grade X X More Information