Biological Microscopes
Focus Series
Monocular Microscope -- designed specially for use in schools and education centers.

MAX Series
Monocular Microscopes MAX -- designed for use by students, professionals and enthusiasts working at submicron level.

Binocular Microscopes MAX -- designed for use by students, professionals and enthusiasts working at submicron level.

TOPIC Series
Binocular microscope -- designed for teaching, for clinical research, or for industrial R&D, having the right tools to do a job is a key factor in productivity.

 Topic B
Trinocular microscope -- designed for photomicrography and CCD colour camera applications.

  Topic T
Topic B/T (Phase Contrast) -- Designed specifically for dedicated phase contrast microscopy,

 Topic T (Phase Contrast)
Topic-T (Epi-Fluorescence) -- allowing researchers and clinicians to detect specific diseases and genetic abnormalities rapidly with the use of special fluorescing dyes or stained antibodies.

 Topic T (Epi-Fluorescence)
Topic B/T (Polarisation) -- designed for developments in research within the fields of mineralogy, crystallography, geology, petrology, pharmacology and biology.

 Topic T (Polarisation)
Stereo Microscopes
Steddy Series
Steddy B -- ideal for use in life sciences study, for medical and dental investigations, and in clinical and research fields such as pharmacology, botany, zoology, chemistry, entomology and agronomy.

 Steddy B
Steddy T -- the most powerful teaching aid for education or demonstration in observation.

 Steddy T
Steddy-B with Rectangular Base   Steddy-T with Rectangular Base
STAR / MEDO Series
Binocular Stereomicroscope -- designed for educational and general use. It is particularly well suited to view specimens at low magnifications: plant structures, insects, minerals, microchips etc.

Medo -- The professional steromicroscope. From beetles to stones, from diamond tiaras to dental crowns, from superconductors to Mozart manuscripts.

Inverted / Metallurgical Microscopes



Digit Series
The Digit series comprises a range of light weight hand-held refractometers to measure the Brix or refractive index value of products.
 Digit012  Digit015
 Digit025  Digit032
 Digit050  Digit080
 Digit090  Digit2862
 Digit30-140  Digit5890
Brixi 1/2/3 -- a latest lightweight(120g), easy-to-use automatic handheld refractometer.

Convex -- general purpose Abbe refractometer is sophisticated enough for the experienced lab technician who works quickly and efficiently, yet it is straightforward and easy to manipulate for the new user.

Prisma -- an Abbe refractometer equipped with an integral illuminator for its external scale unit, allowing you to take readings easier while taking notes

Quartz -- semi-automated Abbe refractometer with a fast digital readout offers you, quite simply, a speedier throughput, which is particularly useful in manufacturing centres and production lines.

Select Series
 Sepect012  Select028
 Select045  Select28-65
Safir Series
 Safir012  Safir015
 Safir032  Safir050
 Sefir080  Safir5890