Series CB | CO2 incubators

The BINDER CB series CO₂ incubator is the premium class among the CO₂ incubators. It is suitable for all sensitive incubation applications and ensures optimal cell growth. A BINDER CB series CO₂ incubator can perform complex cultivation experiments as well as specific enviromental conditions.

CO₂ incubators with hot air sterilization and heat sterilizable CO₂ sensor

The Binder CB series is a world first! Fitted with a sterilizable CO₂ sensor, the incubator meets the highest of standards when it comes to sample safety and cell growth. While C series CO₂ incubators have been designed with standard laboratory applications in mind, the BINDER CB comes highly recommended for the incubation of delicate cells, providing optimum growth conditions for cell cultures.

Just like the C series units, the CO₂ incubators in the CB series have the option of automatic sterilization with hot air at 180 °C. Plus, they have a heat sterilizable CO₂ sensor with infrared technology and come with a double-pan humidification system with condensation protection. The units feature tightly sealed inner doors made of tempered safety glass and a lockable door handle, guaranteeing maximum safety conditions for work in the laboratory.

CO₂ incubators with a patented humidity management system

CB series CO₂ incubators have a patented humidity management system. The Permadry double-pan humidity system provides active humidity limitation that keeps even the interior walls dry. What’s more, evaporation is kept to a minimum thanks to the high humidity.

These CO₂ incubators are incredibly user-friendly, with the option to control all of the key parameters at once using the operating panel. Measured values are recorded continually and can be exported as data sets with ease via USB. Navigation is straightforward and intuitive.

The CO₂ incubators with hot air sterilization and heat sterilizable CO₂ sensor are ideal for the incubation of delicate cells, guaranteeing optimum conditions for cell cultures along with high levels of safety and usability.

Important characteristics

  • Temperature range: from 4 °C via ambient temperature up to 60 °C
  • Humidity range: 90 to 95% RH
  • CO₂ control range: 0 to 20 vol% CO₂
  • O₂ control range: 0.2 to 20 vol% O₂ (O and GO versions)
  • Alternative O₂ control range: 10 to 95 vol% O₂ (option for O and GO versions)
  • Tried-and-tested anti-contamination concept with 180 °C hot air sterilization
  • Optimized double-pan humidification system with condensation protection
  • CO₂ gas-mixing jet with Venturi effect
  • Hot-air sterilizable CO₂ sensor with single-beam infrared technology
  • Intuitive touchscreen controller
  • Internal data recording, can be read out in open format via USB interface
  • Fail-safe CO₂ automatic diagnosis system for protecting the pH of cell cultures
  • DuoDoor™ system: unit door and glass door can be opened with one handle
  • Tightly sealed inner door made of tempered safety glass
  • Lockable door handle
  • 2 perforated stainless steel shelves
  • Troubleshooting system with visual and acoustic alarms
  • Computer interface: Ethernet
  • Zero-voltage alarm contact
  • Units are stackable with stacking adapter
Model Housing Dimensions (excluding fittings and connections)
W x H x D (mm)
Internal Dimensions
W x H x D (mm)
Net weight
Interior volume
CB 60 580 x 720 x 545 400 x 400 x 330 68 53
CB 170 (new) 680 x 870 x 715 560 x 600 x 505 95 170
CB 220 740 x 1070 x 715 560 x 750 x 500 132 210

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