Dietary Fibre System

Fibertec™ 1023 – Dietary Fibre Solutions

The Fibertec™ 1023 Dietary Fibre Analysis System is a semi-automated incubation and filtration system for quantitative determination of dietary fibre in processed food, cereal products, fruits and vegetables, health food, plant materials etc., using established enzymatic methods, for use in the laboratory.

The system includes a shaking water bath and a filtration module for quantitative determination of dietary fibre in a variety of sample types. The filtration module filters and collects six sample solutions and includes a system for rapid dehydration. The filtration step is speeded up through a built-in “Pressure Mode”, to break up clogged filter residues during filtration. Filtration time varies from 2-4 minutes for 100 ml of digested solution. The WB 1024 Water bath incubates 12 samples in each batch. The temperature range is from ambient up to 80°C and it is possible to preset three temperatures.
Batch handling processes up to 6 samples at a time saving time. Laboratories around the globe have invested in Fibertec™ instruments that go on working year after year, making Fibertec™ a solution that will keep your lab up to speed, well into the future.

Sample Parameters
Food and Food Ingredients Total, soluble and insoluble dietary fibre



Technical Specification

Performance data
Filtration Module
Filtration and dehydration capacity 6 samples/batch.
Filtration rate 2 – 4 minutes/100 ml of digested solution, depending on sample type.
Repeatability SD <0.5% absolute
Flask volume 600 ml
Accuracy According to official methods
WB 1024 Water Bath
Capacity 12 flasks
Temperature range Ambient to 80 °C
Temperature accuracy ±0.1°C
Shaking frequency 0 – 150 strokes/minute
Stroke length 0 – 50 mm
Installation requirements
Power supply 210 – 230 V 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption 8 W Filtration module 1500 W WB 1024 Water Bath
Water supply 2 pcs. tap water and sink for water aspirator.
Weight net FibertecTM 1023

24 kg

WB 1024 Water Bath

24 kg

Dimensions (W×D×H) 770 × 280 × 500 mm 890 × 370 × 320 mm


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