[New Product  2022] BINDER Cooling Incubators with environmentally friendly thermoelectric cooling 

Series KB ECO

Thanks to thermoelectric cooling technology with patented heat dissipation, the new KB ECO cooling incubator is one of the most energy-efficient cooling incubator on the market.
The thermoelectric cooling technology means the KB ECO series is also very quiet during operation.

• Temperature range: 0 °C to +70 °C
(max. 26 °C below the ambient temperature)
• APT.line™ preheating chamber technology
• Electric temperature control thanks to thermoelectric cooling module with innovative heat dissipation
• Available sizes: 247L, 700L, 1020L

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[New Product 2022 ] SHIMADZU Advanced Performance UniBloc Balances AP-AD series

The new AP-AD series models not only offer excellent basic performance, such as fast weighing times of about two seconds and high measurement stability that minimizes errors, but also include new functionality that improves convenience, such as automatic doors and touchless sensors.

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Essential Equipment for Your Laboratory 2022

We supply wide range of laboratory equipment and consumables. For details, please download the flyers below.

CRYSTE Benchtop Centrifuges  – Promotion 2021


VARISPIN 6 Multi Centrifuge
PURISPIN 17R Micro Centrifuge (Refrigerated)
PURISPIN 18R Micro Centrifuge (Refrigerated)
VARISPIN 15R Multi Centrifuge (Refrigerated)

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Supporting the research community worldwide

Applications for BINDER ULT freezers and CO2 incubators in Corona virus research

The novel Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 challenges researcher around the globe in their endeavor to find a cure against COVID-19. Reliable lab equipment is key and ULT freezers and CO2 incubators are essential equipment in biosafety labs.



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Supply of Ethanol (乙醇/消毒酒精)

We supply following  Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) for disinfection.

Brand: JHD
– Ethanol 70% B.P. 500ml
– Ethanol 70% B.P. 1000ml
– Ethanol 96% B.P. 2.5L

To order, please contact us by phone (tel: 3123 6000) or email (info@kouhing.com)..


Nabertherm Muffle Furnaces – Promotion 2020

– Muffle Furnaces Basic Model (max. temperature 1100°C)
– Muffle Furnaces with Flap Door & Lift Door (max. temperature 1100°C / 1200°C)
– Chamber Kilns for Arts & Crafts (max. temperature 1200°C / 1300°C)

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Benchtop Centrifuges – Promotion 2020

Benchmark Scientific:
– myFuge Mini Centrifuge
– myFuge 12 Mini Centrifuge
– PlateFuge Microcentrifuge
– MC-24 Touch Microcentrifuge
– LC-8 Plus Centrifuge

– Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

– Mini-Plate Centrifuge
– PlateFuge Microcentrifuge

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LIEBHERR – New Promotion Flyer 2020

Refrigerators and freezers for the research and laboratory sectors have to fulfil extremely demanding criteria. With precise electronic controls and degree-accurate temperature settings, Liebherr laboratory appliances are able to offer outstanding temperature stability. Their comprehensive functions and features ensure that sensitive substances, chemicals, and other research materials can be optimally stored. Liebherr refrigerators and freezers are designed for a long service life and are energy efficient.

Major Products:
– Refrigerators for Laboratories
– Freezers for Laboratories
– Refrigerators for pharmaceutical storage

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MiniOne Systems – Special Promotion

Promotion Products:
– PCR / Electrophoresis Package for New Senior Secondary Biology Curriculum
– MiniOne MiniLabs – well prepared kit for popular applications of electrophoresis and PCR

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BINDER – Special Promotion

Promotion Product:
CO2 incubator CB170
with hot air sterilization and heat sterilizable CO2 sensor
– minimum footprint – maximum usable space
– uncompromising hot air sterilization
– fanless, hygienic interior

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JULABO – Special Promotion

Promotion Product:
PURA series Water Bath (from 0.8L up to 36L)

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MTC Bio – Special Promotion

Promotion Products:
1. PROPETTE LE – Single Channel Pipettes
2. PROPETTE LE – Multi-Channel Pipettes

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Single Channel

Corning – Special Promotion

Promotion Product:
Corning Stripettor Ultra – Pipet Controller
Completely redesigned with more features, greater reliability, and improved ergonomics

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BENCHMARK – Special Promotion

  1. Purchase any myBlock Dry Bath, Get a RotoMini #R2020-E for FREE.
  2. Purchase 1 set of Incu-Shaker, Get 4 ea of MAGIC Clamp (adjustable)  for FREE.
  3. Purchase 1 set of High Speed Centrifuge model C2417-E, Get 1 set of Mini Centrifuge model C1012-E for FREE.
Validity: until 28th June 2019
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Orion – Promotion Flyer 

Promotion Products:
1. Orion Star A215 series pH/Conductivity Benchtop Meter
2. Orion Star A111 series Basic pH Benchtop Meter
3. General use electrodes
4. Low maintenance gel-filled electrodes
5. TRIS-compatible electrodes
6. Buffer solution, storage solution and cleaning solution

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Spectrophotometer – Promotion Flyers

New Products:
GENESYS 30 Visible Spectrophotometer (The visible solution)
GENESYS 150 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Research quality measurements with routine simplicity)
GENESYS 180 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (High-throughput ready)
GENESYS 50 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Modern functionality for single cell analysis)

For Visible spectrophotometer, please download the promotion flyer here .
For UV-Visible spectrophotometer, please download the promotion flyer here .

Extech Product Catalog #40 (New)

Extech Instruments has focused on Test and Measurement tools built for the professionals, tradesperson and DIY’ers. Our single source strategy has made us the brand to turn to when it comes to tools that help prevent, identify and troubleshoot problems in a plethora of applications; whether it’s electrical, mechanical, maintenance, safety or environmental applications, our products are trusted by the professionals and are put to the test every day.

Please download the latest Product Catalog #40 here.