Micro Centrifuge PURISPIN 18R

Micro Centrifuge PURISPIN 18R

Refrigerated micro centrifuge with powerful g-force and high throughput

Ergonomic Design for Common Use
– Modest working height of the device makes users to feel ease in loading and unloading samples

Various Rotors
– Most micro tubes can be used from PCR tubes to general micro tubes
– Up to 50ml conical tube can be loaded

Refrigerator and Fast Cool Function
– Pre-cooling before use is available so that user can minimize the risk of degradation of thermal sensitive samples
– 4℃ at maximum speed is ensured

Silent Operation
– Well-balanced motor minimized vibration, which leads to the most silent operation

Energy Saving
– Pre-set energy saving mode can help to reduce the electrical operating cost
– Unnecessary operation without the real-use can be controlled by Standby Mode and Eco Shut-off setting

Ability to drain
– Excessive condensation can be treated by drainage at the bottom of chamber

Touch Controller
– User-friendly 4.3” full color touch LCD controller helps to set the parameter at modern way
– All set points are visible at a glance and setting is easy
– Touch pad lock doesn’t allow misuse during operation

Angle rotor acceptable
– Small turn locking lid mechanism helps to open and close the lid within a short moment

Max. RPM
18,000RPM(Angle Rotor) 13,000RPM(Swing Rotor)
Max. RCF
30,717 xg 16,343 xg
Max. Capacity
50ml Conical x 6 2.0ml x 24
Accel / Decel phase
0 ~ 9 (10set)
Set Temp.
-10℃ ~ +40℃ ( 1℃ increments )
Ref. System
Noise Level
Set Time
99 min 59sec or continuous
Time Count
From start / From set-up RPM
100 memory
Rotor ID
Automatic Recognition
4.3” LCD Touch Screen
RPM Range
400 to 18,000 RPM
Display message on screen
RPM, RCF, Time, Door open/close, Temp ACC, DEC, Rotor ID, Program, Comp. On/Off
Available Rotor Quantity
Power Supply
AC 230V ± 10%, 50-60Hz, 1Phase
Power Consumption
Dimension(W x D x H)
382 x 669 x 314 mm(H:670mm with open lid)
Weight (without rotor)