Compact Digital BDC2002

Model BDC2002
Compact Digital Overhead Stirrer

The 2002 maximizes productivity fitting into any area of the laboratory including a fume hood or enclosed workstation, giving accurate, repeatable results. The unique push button Stirlight™ allows solutions to be seen clearly. Like other Caframo stirrers, the CompactDigital™ is powered by a brushless DC motor to stir larger batches longer at higher speeds. The belt driven transmission is smooth and quiet offering high power efficiency. The four button touch control (power on/off, speed increase, speed decrease, light on/off) is easy to use.

Key Specifications:
Speed Range: 40 – 2000 rpm
Max Torque: 70 Ncm
Max Viscosity: 15,000 cP
Output Power: 1/18 hp, 40 watts
Max Volume:  25 litres