Super Dry 20 series (20~50%RH)

[Humidity Control: 20~50%RH]

SUPER DRY 20 series is engineered for long-term storage of 20%~50%RH. The circulation of air in the cabinet is regulated by an internal fan. Hygrometer is battery operated.


  • Modular design: Totech Super Dry is modularly designed dry cabinet. The main modules include dry unit, shelves, castors, hygrometer. All of the modules can be replaced easily. Totech dry cabinet can be used as long as the cabinet structure is in good condition. Most of our customers can use the Totech dry cabinets for more than 10 years without any problem.
  • Dry units: ≤20%RH, made in Japan.
  • works automatically and continuously, and it is “plug and play” cabinet. Humidity is shown on hygrometer.


Dehumidification Principle:

  1. Totech Super Dry relies on dry units to control humidity levels, and the dry unit will be recycled every several hours to discharge the moisture absorbed through shutter to outside the cabinet. After recycling, the shutters will close and moisture inside dry cabinet will once again be absorbed by refreshed drying agent.
  2. This dehumidification cycle will continue until the set humidity value is achieved. Once the humidity level exceeds the setting level, this dehumidification cycle will start again.



  • Micro-films and positive/negative films.
  • Antiques and ancient documents.
  • Electronic devices, PCBs and IC packages before removing from moisture barrier bags.
  • Powered medicines.
  • Micro-lens and microscope lens, etc.

Model CSD-1106-20 CSD-1104-20 CSD-702-20 CSD-302-20 CSD-502-20 CSD-252-20 CSD-151-20
120x184x67 120x184x67 62x184x78 50x123x64 88x90x74 88x90x38 50x63x58
119x156x62 119x156x62 61x156x73 49x116x59 87x83x69 87x83x33 49x56x53
Capacity (L) 1160 1160 680 340 510 252 145
Weight (kg) 160 155 110 60 60 39 29
Voltage AC220V, 50/60Hz
Material Steel body & shelves
Shelves 5 pcs 7 pcs 3 pcs