BL Series – Top- loading Balance

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  • Minimum display: 0.01g, 0.001g (Depends on model)
  • Maximum sample capacity: 220g to 3200g (Depends on model)
  • High resolution balance with quick response
  • High stability even the environment is not ideal for precision weighing
  • Analog bar graph display able to show remaining weighing capacity
  • Protective in-use cover can be added for measurement
  • Able to convert into various of units
  • Bright LCD display
Model Capacity Minimum display Pan size (mm)
BL220H 220g 0.001g 100 x 100
BL320H 320g 0.001g 100 x 100
BL2200H 2200g 0.01g 160 x 124
BL3200H 3200g 0.01g 160 x 124
BL3200HL 3200g 0.01g 160 x 124
BL320S 320g 0.01g 100 x 100
BL620S 620g 0.01g 160 x 124
BL3200S 3200g 0.1g 160 x 124