Colorful Dye Electrophoresis MiniLab

Colorful Dye Electrophoresis MiniLab (Order no. M3007)

System(s) required: Electrophoresis

This fun, eye-catching lab helps introduce students in grades 4 – 10 to concepts like gel electrophoresis, electricity, and macromolecules. Includes enough materials for 10 student groups.

This fun and colorful lab introduces students to gel electrophoresis principles, including the basics of electricity and macromolecules. Teach students to predict how molecular size and electrical charge affect a molecule’s migration in a separation matrix. Appropriate for middle school and beginning high school students (grades 4-10).

Materials Included in Each MiniLab
Each MiniLab contains enough materials for 10 workstations, 2 – 3 students per workstation. Materials include:

  • Ten 1% agarose gel cups
  • Nine color dye samples
  • One bottle of 100 mL Tris-Borate-EDTA (TBE) buffer concentrate
  • One bag of 0.65 mL microcentrifuge tubes
  • One bag of 1 – 200 µL micropipette tips
  • Teacher guide