Extraction Thimbles

High purity, seamless filters with a characteristic thimble shape. Applications include analysis of fats,
oils, grease, pesticides, pollutants, other organics and additives in plastics and rubber materials.

Cellulose Thimbles – No. 84

  • Suitable for Soxhlet extractions of organic components
  • Dust sampling
  • Lipid content <0.1% by weight

Glass Fiber Thimbles – No. 86R

  • Borosilicate glass
  • High temperature extractions or dust monitoring (≤500°C)
  • Acid resistant (except hydrofluoric)

Quartz Fiber Thimbles – No. 88R and 88RH

  • Use up to 1,000°C
  • No. 88RH is treated at 900°C to stabilize the weight prior to use

PTFE Fiber and PTFE/Quartz Fiber Thimbles – No. 89 and 89S

  • Durable, temperature-resistant
  • Non-adsorptive with respect to acid gases
  • PTFE is inherently hydrophobic
  • Little or no trace metal contamination

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