Lateral Flow Membrane

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Advantec Lateral Flow Membrane

ADVANTEC Immunochromatographic Membranes for Lateral Flow Assays

ADVANTEC is launching new membranes for Lateral Flow Assays based on Immunochromatographic Method.


  • Perfectly suitable for Lateral Flow Assays based on Immunochromatographic Methods is the Nitrocellulose membrane which actively traps proteins.
  • Five product lines are available with five types of absorbing speed.
  • The sample pack is available with five different absorption speeds.


Product Name IAB075 IAB090 IAB120 IAB135 IAB180 IAB240
Material Membrane Mixed Cellulose Ester
Backing Film PET
Capillary Flow Time (sec/40 ㎜)※ 75 90 120 135 180 240
Thickness(㎛)※2 220

※1 Time to absorb up to 40mm after dipping membrane into pure water.
※2 Including Backing Film.


  1. POCT such as “Infections Desease Test” or “Cholangiocarcinoma Maker Test”.
  2. OTC such as “Pregnancy test” or “Date of Ovulation Test”.
  3. “Allergens Test” in Food inspection.

Ordering Information

Standard Products (Customize is available)

Roll Format
Product Name Roll/box
IAB075/25㎜ x 100m 1
IAB090/25㎜ x 100m 1
IAB120/25㎜ x 100m 1
IAB135/25㎜ x 100m 1
IAB180/25㎜ x 100m 1
IAB240/25㎜ x 100m 1
Sheet Format
Product Name Sheet/box
IAB075/210mm x 297mm 25
IAB090/210mm x 297mm 25
IAB120/210mm x 297mm 25
IAB135/210mm x 297mm 25
IAB180/210mm x 297mm 25
IAB240/210mm x 297mm 25
Sample Pack
Product Name Sheet/box
IAB075/210mm x 297mm Sample 2
IAB090/210mm x 297mm Sample 2
IAB120/210mm x 297mm Sample 2
IAB135/210mm x 297mm Sample 2
IAB180/210mm x 297mm Sample 2
IAB240/210mm x 297mm Sample 2
IAB 4 Set 210mm x 297mm
2 sheets per grade

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