MOC63u Moisture Analyzer

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Trust the MOC63u for Both Speedy and Accurate Measurements

Moisture ratio measurements are indispensable for quality control and as checks of raw materials in a variety of industries including food products, chemistry, and pharmaceuticals.
The MOC63u electronic moisture analyzer is capable of accurate, quick and easy moisture ratio measurements. Just place the sample in the sample pan and close the cover to start the measurement. This instrument can accommodate virtually any sample, and will contribute to enhanced user productivity.

Customers in the Food Product Industry
•Research and development of food products, drinks, and food additives
•Inspections of food products manufacturing processes and products
•Measurements of raw materials (such as rice, malt, tea leaves, and corn starch)

Customers in the Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Industries
•Pharmaceuticals research and development (pills, granules, capsules, and ointments)
•Cosmetics research and development (such as hair products, face lotions, and soap)
•Inspections of pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing processes and products

Customers in Water Supply and Environmental Fields
•Moisture ratio measurements and inspections of sludge
•Moisture ratio measurements and inspections of soil
•Moisture ratio measurements and inspections of waste matter

Customers in the Chemical Industry
•Research and development of samples, and inspection of products (solids, powders, pellets, lms, and liquid samples)
•Moisture ratio measurements for plastics, rubbers, paints, pesticides, and functional materials

Customers in Metals and Raw Materials Industries
•Moisture ratio measurements of raw materials (such as iron ore)
•Moisture ratio measurements of metals (such as metal powders)
•Moisture ratio measurements of lumber, paper, ber, and lime

Customers in the Automotive and Electrical Machinery Industries
•Moisture ratio measurements of plastic pellets and plastic parts
•Moisture ratio measurements of toner
•Moisture ratio measurements of foundry sand

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Main Features: 

Simple Operation
Select the automatic starting mode, place the sample, and close the heater cover to start the measurements. The preparation for measurement is so simple that you do not even have to press the start key.

The Sample Pan Size Is a Spacious 95 mm Dia.
Generally, the wider, thinner, and more uniformly the sample is spread, the more precise the measurement. Uniform heating is provided by adopting a cleverly shaped reector (patent pending).

A Wealth of PC Connection Functions
A USB connector is built in as standard for connecting to a PC. It can also be used in conjunction with the WindowsDirect function (patented).
Note) For Windows Vista, Windows 7, and USB port connections, check the Shimadzu website, or contact your Shimadzu representative.

• Equipped with the UniBloc aluminum block, to provide accurate moisture measurements.
• Equipped with a high output halogen heater capable of rapid heating.
• Wide observation window to allow checks of sample status during heating.
• 60 g capacity/0.001 g minimum display
• The temperature on the pan can be set between 50 ˚C and 200 ˚C.
• Can store 10 sets of measurement conditions and 100 data items.
• Cleaning and maintenance are easy.
• Liquid and paste samples can also be measured using fiberglass sheets.
• Energy saving design (32 % reduction in comparison to previous Shimadzu models)


Model MOC63u (#321-71500-12)
Capacity Max 60g
Min 0.02g
Minimum readability 0.001g
0.01/0.1% (Selectable)
Repeatability 0.15% (2g)
0.05% (5g)
0.02% (10g)
Drying Heater Straight type halogen heater
Power 400W
Temperature range setting 50-200°C (1°C increments)
(There is a time restriction when exceeding 180°C.)
Display LCD with backlight
Pan size Ø95mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 202 × 336 × 157
Weight Approx 4.2kg
Operational temperature and humidity range 5 to 40°C, 85%RH or lower
Measurement modes Standard (Easy start/Automatic end/Timed end)
Rapid drying
(Easy start/Automatic end/Timed end)
Slow drying
(Easy start/Automatic end/Timed end)
Step drying
(Easy start/Automatic end/Timed end)
Timer setting 1-240 minutes or continuous
(max 12 hours)
Interface RS-232C (9-pin connector) I/O port
USB port
Measurement conditions
data memory
Data memory 100
Temperature calibration kit Option
Standard accessories Sample pans (3 aluminum pans),
pan supporter, windbreak,
Heater insulation plate,
aluminum pans (50 disposable pans),
Sample pan handler, power cable,
spare fuses (2),
protective display cover, hexagonal wrench