TraceSELECT and TraceSELECT Ultra

The Honeywell TraceSELECT product range includes high purity acids, bases, solvents and salts that are designed for trace and ultra-trace analysis.

Sample preparation for inorganic trace analysis applications requires reagents of the highest purity. Specifically, they must have very low metal content to ensure appropriately low blanks. Our reagents are handled under clean-room conditions and supplied in high quality leach resistant bottles to ensure long-term purity. The certificates of analysis list up to 80 individual metal and anion traces.

  • TraceSELECT Ultra Acids and Bases
    • For the most demanding ultra-trace analysis at parts per billion (ppb) and parts per trillion (ppt) levels.
    • Typical metal trace impurities are below 0.1 μg/kg (<0.1 ppb), and in some cases are even as low as the parts per quadrillion (ppq) level. To maintain their high purity, TraceSELECTTM Ultra products are supplied in fluoropolymer bottles.
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  • TraceSELECT Acids, Bases and Salts
    • Economical reagents for trace analysis in the ppb level with typical blank levels less than 1 ppb.
      To guarantee purity and stability, TraceSELECT products are packaged in high-quality containers appropriate for the particular product.
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  • TraceSELECT Solvents
    • High purity solvents for speciation analysis by LC-ICP-MS.
    • Our solvents for trace analysis undergo rigorous purification procedures followed by UV spectroscopy, IC, and ICP-MS testing to assure high chemical purity and high UV transmittance. The blank values for metal traces in these solvents are in the ppb range or lower.
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  • TraceSELECT Reagents for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) and Voltammetry (VA)
    • Our portfolio comprises matrix modifiers for graphite furnace AAS, spectroscopic buffers for flame AAS and reducing agents for hydride AAS.
    • In addition we offer additives for VA.
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