Automatic Autoclave

Laboratory Use Autoclave, CL-32 & CL-40 series

More safety and more ease !

Quick Lock Lid
By the central lock lever, you can easily lock the lid with fingertip. The lid is lightened up and down by the automatic hinge. Even if you lose hold of the lid, it keeps stopped at the same position.

Lid Interlock
The lid is locked reliably during operation and till cooling down to the safe temperature (80°C … adjustable by parameter).

Electro Mechanical Lock
This function brings more safety to operator by locking the lid at the power failure or in the power OFF, to prevent operator from contamination by contacting un-sterilized objects carelessly. Locking is released only on standby state in the power ON.

Graphic Display
The current operation process is indicated clearly.

Timed Free Steaming
This reliable automatic air exhaust system guarantees always sure sterilization under pure steam exposure.

Adjustable Automatic Exhaust
After sterilization process, steam is slowly released or cooled by the key set especially for liquid bottles.

Warming & Dissolving of Culture Medium
Warming after sterilization and dissolving of culture medium.

Water Cooling System of Exhaust-steam & Drainage of water … CL models
For no exhaust-steam and smell-down to your working room during air exhaust process or at operation end, the water cooling system with enough ability of steam condensation is provided inside the main body. Condensed water flow into the exhaust bottle in the front of main body. Also to clean the chamber bottom, the remained water is drained to the drain tray by opening the drain valve cock at inner side of exhaust bottle.

Star-Timer by Calender
You can set operation start by month, day, hour and minute. The sterilized objects can be taken out at your next work-start.

Memory Back Up
Even on a power failure, the process progress is memorized. When the power is returned, it is re-displayed.

Mouth Boss for Object Temperature Sensor is provided on the Lid.
Through this mouth boss, one sensor for operation-start or three sensors for temperature distribution measurement can be set later (by option) with use of fitting accessory.

Light to use … -S models
-32S and -40S models have low loading heights especially for heavy objects such as liquid bottles. It is possible to work with light steps.

Warm Air Drying … CL-DP models
By warm flow through 0.2um micro-filter, the sterilized objects can be dried clearly and cleanly.
The vacuum-drying models (CLG series) with pulse pre-vacuum system by the vacuum pump are also prepared.


• Object Temperature Sensor (for reliable sterilization)
• Automatic Water Supply (to save your manual water supply)
• Pre-Heating (to shorten the heating-up time)
• Rapid Cooling (to shorten the cooling time)
• Printer (to print the record of operation)
• Recorder (to check temperature distribution)

We can submit documents for GMP / GLP requirements


Model Basic CL-32S CL-32L CL-40S CL-40M CL-40L
with warm air drying CL-32SDP CL-32LDP CL-40SDP CL-40MDP CL-40LDP
Chamber (usable inner size)
Usable max. temperature
Usable max. pressure
Usable temperature Sterilization: 100 ~ 140°C Sterilization: 100 ~ 137°C
Dissolving: 40 ~ 99°C, Warming: 40 ~ 60°C
Usable time Sterilization, Dissolving: 0min. ~ 48hrs. 00min. And continous, Warming: 0min. ~ 48hrs. 00min
Controller Microprocessor controller, graphic display
Temperature … 3 digits, PID control
Timer … 2 digits hours : 2 digits minutes, down count
(Temperature / Time integration system)
Operation pattern A: Heating –> Sterilization –> Exhaust (adjustable)
B: Heating –> Sterilization –> Exhaust (adjustable) –> Warming
C: Disolving –> Warming
-DP models Operation pattern with drying D: Heating –> Sterilization –> Drain –> Drying (Full automatic operation)
E: Only Drying
Drying devices Hot air circulating and discharge by electric heater and air pump through 0.2um micro cartridge filter of untake passage.
Temperature range: 60 ~ 150°C, Timer range: 0min. ~ 99hrs.59min. and continuous
Air exhaust device Temperature (99°C … adjustable) sensing, time (3min. … adjustable) control & solenoid valve
(Time free steaming system)
Exhaust cooling system Water storage tank with cooling coil & Exhaust drain receiver bottle
Drain valve Manaul valve at inner side of exhaust bottle: CL models ; Manual & Automatic valve: CL-DP models
Option Auto, water supply Automatic water supply system from city-water-faucet by level sensor-controller
Pre-heat system To shorten the come-up time, at 60°C. Provided only with auto. water supply.
Rapid cooling system Chamber cooling system by 1 ~ 2 fans
Safety Safety devices Interlock system, Electro mechanical lock system
Double check system of lid close, Over pressure detector
Over temperature detector, Water lack preventor, Sensor break indicator
Abnormal time indicator, Memory of power failure, Safety valve
Breaker for slight leakage, over current & short circuit
Safety valve operation 0.29MPa 0.27MPa
Water test pressure 0.58MPa 0.54MPa
Material Chamber & Lid Stainless steel SUS304, shiny polished. Molded silicon rubber lid gasket (self-seal system)
Outer panel Steel with baked melamine finish. Top panel: Heat-resisting molded resin
Power demand
AC220 / 2320 / 240V, 1 phase, 50/60Hz
2.6kW, 12A 4.0kW, 18A
Outer dimensions (WxDxH) 550x550x870mm 550x550x990mm 620x650x880mm 620x650x1000mm 620x650x1160mm
Weight 56kg 60kg 72kg 78kg 84kg
Accessories Stainless wire basket Ø300x200mmx2pcs. Ø300x300mmx2pcs. Ø380x200mmx2pcs. Ø380x300mmx2pcs. Ø380x400mmx2pcs.
Standard for CL models as above. Optional for all CL-DP models.
Others Exhaust bottle & chamber drain tray (for CL models). Stainless flexible drain hose (for CL-DP models)
Optional accessories Object temperature sensor, Printer, Recorder, Basket with pan, Bucket, Dressing drum