Kjeldahl Digestor (Manual)

Labtec™ Line Digestion Systems – Digestor™ DT208 & DT220

The DT 208 & DT 220 basic Digestion systems for Kjeldahl analysis consist of a digestion block and a tube rack. The digestion blocks are insulated to minimise heat transfer to the surroundings and allow fast, even heating for good working conditions and minimal energy consumption.

Labtec™ Line digestion systems are based on a digestion unit and tube rack, allowing digestion for safe and flexible Kjeldahl analysis. These versatile digestion systems are capable of handling eight or twenty tubes in volumes of 100 ml, 250 ml or 400 ml. dependant on chosen configuration.

Samples Parameters
• Raw materials and finished products in Food, Feed, Agriculture and related matrices
• Water & Wastewater and a wide range of industrial compounds
• Also used in a wide range of industrial applications
• Kjeldahl digestions
• Chemical Oxygen Demand & other reflux chemistries
• Trace metal analysis by AAS or ICP instruments
• Often used in combination with FIA and SFA systems

System Description

Digestion units: All models are delivered with a tube rack with integrated heat shields. They should always be combined with a matching exhaust manifold or reflux head and test tubes – 100 ml, 250 ml or 400 ml volume.
For Kjeldahl digestions the SR 210 Scrubber should always be considered for safe and efficient neutralisation of corrosive gases. This replaces the water aspirator, supplied as standard.

Labtec™ Line with built in electronics for control of temperature and time only.
Cannot be upgraded to Auto models but are compatible with RS 2500 Rack system.


SR 210 Scrubber Unit (supplied as standard)

Where water is a scarce or expensive commodity, the water aspirator should be replaced with an efficient scrubber unit. Exhaust manifolds and scrubber units which require an external water source are subject to variation in vacuum efficiency due to fluctuations in local water pressure.
The compact bench top Labtec™ Line SR 210 Scrubber Unit is self contained and is therefore unaffected by water supply issues. During digestion moist, acidic fumes from the connected exhaust are drawn through the scrubber unit. Acid vapours are first condensed and diluted in a large acid trap.
Any residual fumes are collected, washed and neutralised before passing through a second small acid trap which protects the vacuum pump in the event that the scrubbing agents are exhausted. The cleaned air is then vented via a tubing outlet. In the interest of GLP and H&S this venting tube should be directed into a fume cupboard.

Technical Specification

Performance data
Temperature range 100°C – 440 °C
Temperature setting repeatability 1°C
Temperature stability at 100°C ± 5°C
Temperature stability at 400°C ± 2°C
Heating up time 20 to 400 °Cat  230 V DT 208: ~35 min
DT 220: ~40 min
Installation requirements DT 208 Digestor DT 220 Digestor
Power supply 100 – 115 V, 50 – 60 Hz 200 – 240V, 50 – 60 Hz
200 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption 1100 W 2300 W
Weight net 10 kg 18 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 300 × 390 × 140 mm 300 × 550 × 140 mm
Water supply 3 -5 l/min for 5 minutes, then 1 l/min* 10 – 12 l/min for 5 minutes, then 3-5 l/min*
Ventilation requirement Exhaust system and Fume hood Exhaust system and Fume hood

*Not needed if scrubber is used

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