PTC Genetics MiniLab

PTC Genetics MiniLab (Order no. M3003)

System(s) required: Electrophoresis

Students develop an understanding of electrophoresis and genetic principles in one class period using this fun and engaging MiniLab.

Here’s a fascinating lab perfect for Life Science and Biology students to help them develop a better understanding of genetics and how dominant and recessive traits affect our daily lives. Taste the PTC paper – are you a taster?

  • Students construct a hypothesis about single trait Mendelian inheritance and design an experiment to test it
  • Cast, load, and run DNA samples from a family to connect genotype to phenotype
  • Construct a Punnett square and a family tree to explain experimental results
  • Store in the refrigerator; GreenGel Cups should be left in the original package and protected from light; guaranteed stable for six months with proper storage

Materials Included in Each MiniLab
Each MiniLab contains enough materials for 10 workstations, 2 – 3 students per workstation. Materials include:

  • Ten 2% agarose GreenGel™ Cups
  • Six pre-digested DNA samples
  • Forty pieces of PTC tasting test paper
  • One bottle of 100 mL Tris-Borate-EDTA (TBE) buffer concentrate
  • One bag of 0.65 mL microcentrifuge tubes
  • One bag of 1 – 200 µL micropipette tips
  • Teacher guide