Soxtec™ ST255 Extractor

Labtec™ Line Extraction System – Soxtec™ ST255 (semi-automated)

Soxtec™ solvent extraction systems for safe, convenient and economical determination of soluble, or extractable, matter. Typically five times faster than classical Soxhlet equipment, Soxtec™ systems provide rapid analysis with absolutely no loss in precision or accuracy. Soxtec™ 200 series comprises 2 different solvent extraction systems (ST 255 and 243) and a unique, patented hydrolysis unit (SC 247 SoxCap™) for hydrolysis including filtration and washing.

The semi-automated ST 255 Soxtec™ is used for fast and safe determinations of extractable matter. It is ideal for laboratories with a lower throughput, offering many of the benefits and features of the fully automated Soxtec, but at a lower price. The system allows for a throughput of up to six extractions, 36 samples per day and includes batch handling tools that ensure fast and safe handling of samples and cups.

Sample Parameters
Food, Feed, Agriculture, Soil, Wastewater, Sludge, Textiles, Plastics, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Paper and a wide range of other industrial products. Crude Fat, Total Fat
Extractable matter



Soxtec ST255


Technical Specification

Performance data at 230 V
Extraction time Typically 45 – 60 min
Solvent volume 70 – 90 ml depending on cup type
Sample size 0.5 – 3 g depending on sample type 0.5 – 2 g (for total fat)
Capacity/batch 6 positions
Capacity/day 36 samples
Temperature range 0 – 285 °C
Measuring range 0.1 – 100 %
Reproducibility 1% rel. Or better (5 – 100% fat)
Solvent recovery Typically 80 %
Accuracy According to officially approved methods
Installation Requirements
Power supply 230 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 1550 W
Water consumption 2/l min
  ST 255 Soxtec™ Extraction Unit ST 255 Soxtec™ Control Unit 
Weight net 30 kg 3 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 600 × 380 × 580 mm 310 × 240 × 160 mm
Ventilation Fume hood min. Airflow 0,5 m/s (inter locked)